POS Fiscalisation

Your legislation prescribes a tamper-proof
recording of cash register data?

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Your POS systems must be equipped with a certified technical security device (TSE)?

We have the solution.

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Swissbit TSE

Swissbit TSE combines the “Cryptographic Service Provider” (CSP) and the “Security Module Application for Electronic Record-keeping Systems” (SMAERS) with the certificates and the storage medium.

With the TSE, a solution is now available that can be plugged into practically any POS system via the USB, SD or microSD interface and can therefore be integrated and retrofitted very easily.



With Partner Tech and Swissbit a

Smart Solution

Partner Tech, in close partnership with Swissbit, offers a TSE solution for tamper-proof recording of POS data and has developed a pluggable and therefore extremely easy to integrate TSE solution. The Swissbit TSE is connected via USB, SD or microSD interface. Partner Tech offers integrated solutions in the Partner Tech POS systems as well as upgrade kits for the installed base. In addition to supplying the TSE, Partner Tech Service is the competent contact for planning, logistics and also on-site installation and registration of the TSE. Partner Tech Finance has the customized solution for all investment projects and the exchange or upgrade of POS systems on a rental basis.

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